The members of the Greenwood Cemetery Association welcome you to historic Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson, Mississippi. Established January 1, 1823, by an act of the Mississippi State Legislature, it has expanded from the six acres originally designated for the cemetery to its present twenty-two acres. The cemetery includes the largest collection of own-root, ever-blooming antique and modern shrub roses in a cemetery in the country.


Greenwood is the final resting place of seven governors of Mississippi, members of the clergy, educators, civic leaders, veterans, and ordinary citizens. Until the end of the nineteenth century, all Jacksonians ... white, black, slave, master ... were buried here. Greenwood has remained integrated, and both black and white burials still occur here. The numbers on the map at the Tour link above correspond to the numbered descriptions given at the Notables link. We invite you to step back in time and take a stroll through history.